Routing between networks

  • Hello guys,

    So i've set up a PfSense box, all going well so far. I have 4 interfaces.

    • WAN1 DHCP
    • LAN
    • WAN2 PPPOE
    • LAN

    I would like clients on the network to be able to talk to clients on the 2nd LAN

    However, if I ping a client now, it gets timed out. I have checked firewall logs, and nothing is showing blocked there.

    Am I missing something here?

    Thanks guys.


  • Gotta add that I can actually ping and access pfsense through

  • I guess you have the default "allow all" rule on LAN. That should be all that is needed.
    I see you have multi-WAN. If you have policy-routing rules that feed all traffic into a gateway group, then you will need a rule before that to pass source LAN1 destination LAN2 gateway none - otherwise that local traffic will get forced out some WAN by the policy-routing.
    Or it might be a Windows device on LAN2 that has a firewall that will not answer "ping" from outside its own subnet.

  • Changed the gateway on LAN 1 to default and that fixed my problem.

    Thanks again for the help!

  • That fixes the problem you were having between LAN1 and LAN2.
    But now all the LAN1 internet traffic will just go out the default gateway. If you were wanting failover or outbound load balancing then you will have to be a bit more fancy with the rules - 1 to pass local traffic, and the next to send the rest to a gateway group.

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