Build environment for package development?

  • I compiled a more recent miniupnpd on a fully updated 8.3-RELEASE machine, but when I transfer it over to my pfSense box (2.1.2-RELEASE) and try to run it, it immediately fails on the first ioctl to pf ("DIOCGETSTATUS: Operation not supported"). This is apparently indicative of a mismatch between the kernel on the build machine and that on the pfSense box. Is there a recommended build environment for compiling binaries to run on pfSense? FWIW, I get the exact same error when I just compile miniupnpd from the (FreeBSD) ports without any modifications.

  • I believe at one point the project used to provide a builder as a VM image; would it be possible to get something like that? Note that I have no commercial interest, and I'm not trying to build a custom pfSense image; I'm just looking for a way to test and debug package changes. Alternatively, if there'd be a way to get a gcc and the (patched, apparently) kernel source onto an actual pfSense box, that would work too.

  • we've considered it.

    yours is not the first request.

  • As in considered and rejected, or is it still under consideration?

  • under consideration.

    a kind of "pro tools", if you will.

    the question is if we host it for people, or provide the VM for them to download.

    Because, invariably, someone will bugger their builder, and it's easier for us to fix / maintain if we can gain access to it.

  • Hi razzfazz!

    You can help me to add new module (plugin) on pfsense…! I want but i cann't how to do it...! i cann't found guide...!

    You can for me source code off miniupnpd or some guide to add module when compile to me may try it ...!

    sorry my english  not good!

    Thank razzfazz!

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