Log for interface statistics in?

  • Hello everyone!

    I've actually been using my Pfsense for 6 month now without a single problem, and that I'm really grateful for.

    I don't really have a problem now, it's more of an question. After the last update to 2.1.1 (thats actually when I first noticed it) I started to get a lot of "Errors In" in the Interface Statistics. I'm now running on version 2.1.2 and still get the same amount of errors.

    My question is the following: Is there a log were i can see all of thees errors? (I have to add that I'm not that used to Freebsd but if I need to be in the CLI ill go there)

    also, I've noticed that if I'm uploading files for example (noticed while uploading to dropbox), the WANGW response time is raising from ~25 to around 500-700ms, and starting to see a 2-5% loss. (I don't think that this has anything to do with my first question, I've been monitoring my system for a while now and the "Errors In" is still raising and the WANGW is around 25ms.)

    I think that most people will tell me to call my network provide (and I'm going to do that,) but I would like to troubleshoot a bit before I call so I can have something good to say.

    the packages that I'm using now is Snort, however the problem is the same with or without Snort activated.


  • Hello!

    Some ISP networks makes such trouble if you have the interfaces flow control on. So try to shut it off on WAN if.

    This could be done by adding a line like


    to your /boot/loader.conf.local.
    "vr0" in this example is the name of the affected interface and depends on the hardware driver. In your case it may be something else.
    If /boot/loader.conf.local doesn't exist yet, create it at first.
    Maybe it's also possible to configure this in system > advanced > system tunables, but i've made research that not everything which works in loader.conf also works there.

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