Which CPU.

  • I'm in the process of upgrading my PC, Server and HTPC and then throwing PFsense in to it. At the moment I've done the PC, the server is getting all of my old parts next. Which leaves a Celeron G530 and an i5 2500 processor.
    With my HTPC I plan to rebuild, it has to have AC wirless (I can't wire), so the PCI lane will be taken and Intel can't do 23.976 fps. So APU and PCI wireless seems like the best bet for that.

    But, more to the point, that'll leave a motherboard and a CPU free which I plan to upgrade my parents PC with. The Celeron would be even better than what they have. However, for home use, VPN (30-38Mbs usage), would it benefit me in anyway  using the i2500 for PFSense?

  • Maybe not now, but in the near future.

    The i5 has aes ni, the celeron does not. Pfsense does not currently support aes ni well, but it will in the very near future.

    The i5 will therefore likely use less power than the celeron with VPN

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