Setting up gateway on cable modem

  • I'm really confused as to how to setup the gateway on my cable modem on my dual WAN setup.

    With my netgear router & seperate cable modem, the setup is DHCP for both.  My modem gets an ip address of and router is

    When I connect my Cable WAN port (of the pfsense machine) to the netgear router and do a trace route or pathping, I don't see the cable modem in the route, only a (it shows this in the pfsense diagnostics as well).  I can's connect to the modem with but I can with to see the statistics.

    When I am done with this setup I'll remove the netgear router and I don't know what to set as the gateway for this device.  I am setting the internal IP address a (the gateway is now set as and it works with the diagnostics of ping & traceroute).

    When I remove the netgear router, what should I set the gateway to?

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