HowTo: Install packages

  • For those who have pfSense 2.2-ALPHA installed, and are trying to install packages, such as squid, DansGuardian, and so on, and you come across these errors:

    Installing git example:

    Beginning package installation for git .
    Downloading package configuration file... done.
    Saving updated package information... done.
    Downloading git and its dependencies... 
    Checking for package installation... 
     Downloading ...  (extracting)
     ERROR: No digital signature! If you are *SURE* you trust this PBI, re-install with --no-checksig option.
    of git-1.9.0-amd64 failed!
    Installation aborted.Removing package...
    Starting package deletion for git-1.9.0-amd64...done.
    Removing git components...
    Package XML... done.
    Configuration... done.
    Failed to install package.
    Installation halted.

    Here's how to install the packages you want:

    Go to: and type in the package name in a text editor, along with the link

    squid-2.7.9 v4.3.3 -

    1. Go to the pfSense console/terminal either via SSH or on the box itself (keyboard and monitor are a must), press 8 on either the num keypad or above the QWERTY keyboard, and press enter.
    2. type in fetch and press enter. The file will download to the /root directory (root/admin home folder)
    3. Type in pbi_add –no-checksig -f squid-2.7.9_4-amd64.pbi and it will copy its files and dependencies without problems.
    4. Go to your pfSense IP address (ex:, login as admin or another user (create another user and give the new user the same exact items that the admin has and disable the admin login for security reasons)
    5. Go to System -> Packages NOTE: The packages wouldn't be listed in the installed packages, go to Available packages, and click the plus icon to install the package you want to install (by following the guidelines above), and it will install; add links to edit that package.

    The reason why the packages don't install is because there is no digital signature since the 2.2 Snapshot is in Alpha stage (unstable release); installing a package requires a digital signature prior to installing the package(s).

    Hope you find this guide helpful and happy testing.

  • Even easier  ;)
    System: Advanced: Miscellaneous, "Do NOT check package signature".

  • How did I miss this? Thanks.

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