Reset Package Configuration (DansGuardian)

  • Hi,

    I have been using pfSense for a few years now to help support a charity I help with their IT problems.

    I've recently managed to corrupt one of the config for DansGuardian, and after a few failed attempts to fix it I just decided to reinstall the package.

    The problem is however hard I try to get rid of the config it keeps coming back in the same state.

    I basically un-installed the package from the UI, then grepped/searched for all the dansguardian files and deleted them all, yet when i reinstall it pulls in all the old config options.

    Am I missing something, or is there a backup someplace which I need to get rid of (without dansguarding in the path at all otherwise id have removed it)

    Is there any way to force the install to use the default configuration from the frontend somehow (something like debians dpkg-reconfigure) and therefore overwrite all my changes?


  • Im starting to think this step in the install script might be doing something mystical: custom_php_resync_config_command

    Where does that re-sync the config from does anyone know? I think that file needs a good rm'ing

  • Remove the package and then remove dansguardian config from config.xml.
    You can do it by editing a backup file or directly with viconfig cmd on console/ssh.

    On both cases, be careful.

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