Reply from lan going to wrong interface

  • I have attached this image for clarity, i hope someone can point me what i'm missing here..

    So i have this pfsense acting as shaper and router between 2 ISP,
    on This shaper default gateway is pfsense box going to ISP 1.
    P.S : ISP 2 doesn't provide their router, we have to provide ourself, hence the 1 extra Linux Router on ISP2

    Linux Router ( ) routing :
    route via

    PFSense Shaper : via
    ( is L-3 Switch )

    Now there is one webserver on LAN that i want to be able to access from ISP 2 ( ),
    all routing is done, i can see the packets going in from to
    packets from Webserver is caught on PFSense box firewall log for ISP 1..

    I have added advanced LAN Rules on PFsense Shaper specifying GW…
    but the reply from webserver still get caught on ISP 1's log...

    Hope someone can help...


  • 3 routers on the same broadcast domain as you have there can get ugly with any stateful firewall. Moving one of those to a diff interface would make your life easier.

    You can work around it though. The reason the traffic is getting routed the way it is, either route-to, or reply-to. In a scenario like that, you need to disable reply-to unless you move one of those next hops to another interface. Can disable reply-to globally (Sys>Advanced) or on a per-rule basis.

  • Hi..
    thanks for your answer,
    yes i think i'd rather add another interface on the shaper box,
    so i don't need to add more tuning to pfsense..

    SO basically i should just use
    e.g : Add interface for shaper ,
    and replace with on the linux router box,
    Am I correct ?

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