Disable IPv6 or save to ignore?

  • Hi all,

    I'm working with networking since many years but… I never spent any time to look into IPv6 yet - simply because I had no requirement so far.
    So I want to use pfSense only for IPv4 at the moment where I don't have enough knowledge of IPv6 and where I can't be sure to configure the firewall without errors and therefore I disabled the checkbox at "Allow IPv6" setting in System -> Advanced -> Networking
    There are still tons of IPv6 routes. Is there a way to disable IPv6 completely? Or is it save to ignore when "Allow IPv6" is unchecked? I'm simply not feeling comfortable with seeing so many IPv6 routes (even on PPPoE) and not really knowing what happens so I'd rather see them disappear until I have enough IPv6 knowledge.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    If you have "Allow IPv6" unchecked then it can't get through the firewall in or out so it's OK to ignore at that point.

    It's nearly impossible to completely disable IPv6 at the OS level without recompiling things without IPv6 support, so a minimal local-only config is OK to leave as-is.

  • Thank you!

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