Setting up pfsense(with archer c7)

  • i need help setting up a pfsense with an archer c7. i have disabled the dhcp on the router and gave it a static ip. problem is after i connect it to the pfsense box i loose internet for the rest of the network that uses the archer c7 router.

    any ideas or thoughts to help me trouble shoot would be great please

  • i am testing this off my network before i put this in production on my home network

    so specs wise:

    archer c7 is home router
    its giving pfsense the address
    i gave the pfsense box a lan ip of

    i can connect to the box without my spare router(i use for tests occasionally) connected to the pfsense box. i am able to get online and everything. like it should. i gave the spare router an ip address of hooked it up on the pfsense box, hooked up my laptop to the router. flushdns released and renew ip.

    now not getting anything. no yahoo news no techbargin. typed the to get into the web interface of the pfsense box. as well and still nothing.

    so it works until i hook up a router to the box. then everything goes dead at least on that network.

    any ideas or suggestions?

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