VIP not working in 2.1.2 do in 2.1.0

  • I have 5 external Ips for my business class cable. First IP set as WAN. 2-5 are set as "IP alias" all worked as expected when setup on 2.1
    Updated to new version 2.1.2 and only the main WAN IP Is working as expected. I could set it to any of the 5 and even put a second FW up with one of the IPs but no matter what I tried, I could not get it to have more than one WAN IP that worked.

    I reverted back to 2.1 same hardware and it works again.

    Not sure if anyone else has had this issue but it was very frustrating I tried lots of stuff and finally came to the conclusion that is must be the new version. Sure enough when I install 2.1 and configured, it worked as expected.

    Anyone seen this or have a suggestion as to what I might be able t do to get VIPs working in 2.1.2?

    thanks for any help/guidance.

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