Unbound not listening on pfSense's virtual IP

  • Disclaimer: I've already posted for this particular problem in another topic that started for a multi-WAN setup DNS issue. But the following question is really apart.

    In my setup my pfSense server has IP but a virtual IP (menu Firewall: Virtual IP Address) of type "IP alias" (on Interface "LAN") makes him available via (I'm considering this IP as my gateway IP and then I'm free to use whatever server I want as long as it responds to

    But Unbound package (v1.4.22), when asked to listen on "Network interface" LAN and loopback seems ignore this virtual IP.

    I can successfully contact Unbound on

    nslookup www.pfsense.org

    Non-authoritative answer:
    Name:  www.pfsense.org

    But it fails on

    nslookup www.pfsense.org
    ;; connection timed out; no servers could be reached

    GUI and netstat confirms it:
    Menu Services: Unbound DNS Forwarder: Status: Unbound configuration:

    # Interface IP(s) to bind to
    interface: ::1
    [2.1.2-RELEASE][admin@router.example.com]/(36): netstat -n | grep 53
    udp6       0      0 ::1.53                 *.*
    udp4       0      0           *.*
    udp4       0      0        *.*
    c8e86ec8 stream      0      0 c8e3f53c        0        0        0 /var/run/check_reload_status

    Is there a way to add the "interface:" Unbound directive (GUI or CLI)? Tried to add it in "Services: Unbound DNS Forwarder: Advanced Settings: Custom Options" but Unbound then fails to start…
    If this is not supported by this package nor the pfSense UI could I set up some "iptables" redirection to route incoming traffic from to

  • I can look into it - it should allow binding to VIPs. In 2.2. Unbound is been used in the base and its allowed there.
    I however still need to do upgrade code to handle people who have 2.1 unbound packages installed.

  • I'm on pfSense 2.1.2 (update to 2.1.3 planned for very soon).
    You are saying Unbound on pfSense 2.2 does takes into account Virtual IPs but hasn't been ported to 2.1 yet?

  • yup thats correct baring in mind that 2.2 is alpha…

  • I get 2.2 is not production-ready ;)

    Meanwhile is there a way (either via Web GUI or SSH) to change (eg. add "interface:" line) to Unbound configuration file?
    I've browsed into pfSense file system but could not find the configuration file Unbound program actually uses.

    Other possible solution: an iptable-like rule to re-route traffic from to Does it even exists on pfSense?

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