Lan to hosts VPN

  • Hi all, I got a question on site-to-site IPSec VPN between our PFSense 2.1 and a customer Cisco 3845.

    Our lan net is
    Our public wan address is
    Customer wan address
    Customer destination lan hosts:
    Our customer asked to nat our addresses with subnet, so I reserved a subnet on our lan for the nat (

    So the main objective is to create a vpn connection to let a subnet ( connect to a few hosts (,,,
    First of all someone can confirm is it possibile?

    I suppose I need to create a single phase one configuration, but can I create more phase two configurations (one for each destination host)?
    For each phase two configuration (=destination host) I need to repeat local subnet (with nat on, is it right?

    Thanks for every info, sorry for stupid questions but I have no experience with ipsec :)

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