Router with pfsense

  • I would like to make a router with Pfsense machine, with three interfaces, one for Internet and Public Domain with input from ISP and output from the other one to have access to my internal vlan. could you please help me how to run the project kindly with explanation over rules and routes.

  • The best advice I can give you is DIVE IN, it is the only way to figure out pfSense (or really anything).  I found both the online pfSense tutorials and installation process to be FANTASTIC.

    Step 1) Burn the pfSense software to a CD.
    Step 2) Get an old computer with a CD ROM, a hard drive and two Ethernet ports.  One Ethernet port will be your WAN port for your ISP and the other will be your LAN port for your local network.  If your computer only has one ethernet port then buy a cheap ethernet card - the pfSense hardware support is generally very good.  You can upgrade later if you want something better.
    Step 3) Boot the computer from the CD and install pfSense.

    The worst thing that can happen is it won't work (although it probably will), but at least you will have a starting point.  The default rules will probably work fine for starting out.  You can add always add complexity later.

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