Freeradius2 and SQlite backend

  • has anyone had any success getting the Freeradius2 package to work with a SQLite backend DB?

    I tried to modify the and add the config for SQL.conf but all i get is that the service no longer starts.

    I added the filename = to the SQL sql section of the SQL.conf and changed the database = sqlite. i'm guessing it doesn't have the sqlite driver. I looked on google and see that it is possible to connect to a sqlite DB using freeradius 2 and all that is needed should be the filename.

    I also saw that the freeradius 3 allows for sqlite by default. Is there a way to update the package to FR3? if that is the direction i must go.

    is there something else that i might be missing?

    any help or ideas would be appreciated.

  • Hi,

    you could run freeradius in debugging mode with radiusd -X and have a look what is missing when using sqlite. If you change any files manually then you must not do any changes on GUI because this could overwrite your changes.

    Updatung to freeradius3 will be probably not possible with the existing GUI. Freeradius3 is a complete new developement and the config is - as far as I know - not compatible with freeradius2.

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