Xeon quad core proc temps..weird readings.

  • attached is a picture of my dashboard with the temp readings from dual xeon quad cores, but they are very weird.

    they both have the exact same setup –- same heatskin, same type of fan attached to heatskin, fans running at the same rpm's, and the procs are maybe 10mm apart from each other on the motherboard.

    shrug one proc runs perfectly with the temp readings (all four core temps go up and down depending on the time of day in the datacenter). the other proc runs with variable temp readings but much different than the other proc (also depending on the time of the day) wtf?

    anyone have any ideas here? i have seen this before, but it was different hardware. i specifically rewired the fans attached to the proc's to run at the same rpm's...so in theory they should run the same. ...in theory.


  • Airflow is rarely uniform throughout a case so temps will not be identical.  Those two cores could be higher because they're the ones that are doing the work.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Check that both CPUs are reporting the same tjmax. I can remember exactly what the sysctl is though.

    A 10C difference can be explained by dried thermal paste.


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