Installed pfSense and Snort and now YouTube only runs Ads or vids for 60 secs v2

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    I had to factory restore pfSense and with a fresh install of pfSense, I can't browse all of the Internet? Some sites don't load and some do?
    The initial Setup Wizard for pfSense doesn't allow a user to use the Internet?

    I find this unusual, as when you plug in a router, away you go.
    Then if you want to restrict traffic, you add rules.
    It seems pfSense has locked down too much, as I can only browse to a few sites and not access search results on how to make the Internet work?

    Here are the settings I chose following the pfSense > System > Setup Wizard.
    Hostname: pfSense > Domain: localdomain > Primary DNS Server: blank > Secondary DNS Server: blank > Override DNS: ticked > Next > Time Server Information: default settings > Next > Configure WAN Interface > SelectedType: Static > Static IP Configuration > IP Address: > Gateway: > Next > Configure LAN Interface > LAN IP Address: > Subnet Mask: 24 > Next > Set Admin WebGUI Password > Admin Password : <pfsense password="">> Admin Password AGAIN: <pfsense password="">> Next > Reload > Browser > test Internet.</pfsense></pfsense>

  • The default install, assuming you didn't miss anything and ran the Wizard will allow you to access Internet just fine.

    If your WAN has a bogon/private IP then you need to uncheck the two settings in WAN interface config. That is the only default setting that you should need to change if your WAN has a private/bogon IP.

    Also make sure you get DNS settings from either DHCP or set them manually to General settings.

    Snort will throw a lot of false positives, but that's another story and something you need to deal with by either a suppress list or whitelist (now called a passlist).

  • Thank you, I think that might have fixed it.
    Good karma to you :-)

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