Site to Site VPN

  • hi guys,
    I have a questions regarding Site to Site VPN.
    I wanna build a tunnel between my home and the office.

    A >>>> B

    My questions are :
    is it gonna have any impact on the internet Speed ?
    on both sides I have Domain controllers with the names DC.Domain.lan, I am gonna have some DNS conflicts?
    if Location A been hacked, means the attacker can access B too ?

    thank you

    1. no, it wont affect your internet speed.

    2. mmmmm…. well youre gonna have a bad time.  basic practice is you never have 2 computers with the exact same name.  and since they are domain controllers... like i said, its not going to be fun. edit as a matter of fact... its just plain not gonna work if you created two identical domains of the exact same name and domain, separate from each other.  when you introduce them on the same network, its not going to be pretty.

    3. yes, if a hacker gains access to a system at site A, the systems at site B may as well be considered vulnerable.

  • thank you for your answer

    so if the Domains are two differents ones. like and the second one is
    maybe build the VPN tunnel without DNS indexing ?

  • yep, that would work just fine.

    you can even configure a forwarder on the domain1 to point to the server of domain2, so that computers on the domain1 network can lookup computers on the domain2 network… and vice versa.

    also, and its not required, but as time passes and you manage more and more servers, youll find it easier if you dont name them both DK.  go with something that is site-specific.  like, i would use something like  --> ie, site1, first DC  --> ie, site2, first DC

    like that.  doenst have to be D1-... but something meaningful to you that represents whatever you call your domain1 site.

  • Thank you
    this noted for the future use !

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