Servers can not connect to each other internally.

  • Hello All,

    I am trying to setup a simple system using 1:1 NAT for the whole network.  I have plenty of static IP's available and had the pfSense box configured static and it appeared to work fine.

    I was able to get it setup using VIP's and the 1:1 NAT configuration.  It all looked great when I had the data server on the network.  I could access the internet, so I decided to add the web server.  Again all looked great, access internet, blah blah.

    When I tried to view the websites from the on either server or even ping each server from the other, nothing, it bombed.  No response or that web page is not available.  If I went to a machine that was on a different ISP I could access the web sites fine, of course anything that was related the the DB server would bomb because the web server could not access the data.

    Any thoughts please.

  • You most likely need to setup split dns or add a port forward on top of the 1:1 nat to invoke reflection.  Reflection by default does not work with 1:1 nat's.    So your most likely resolving the public IP address which will not forward back across to the 1:1 server.

  • Thank you for the suggestion. I am new to pfSense and do not quite know how it all works yet. How would I go about setting up a port forward on an internal NAT to invoke the reflection so that it does resolve across the 1:1 server?

  • Firewall -> NAT -> Port Forward.

  • I know that much  ;D

    I guess I can play around with the settings.

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