Static Route for OpenVPN interface

  • Hi Folks,

    Is there a way to set a default route on the OpenVPN interface. I have a need where remote clients connecting via OpenVPN, need to be able to access a resource, which is only accessible by using pfsense's static routes table (i.e. there is another hop required on the network).


    OpenVPN Clients–-->pfsense------>Other Router--------> Resource Needed

    I have OpenVPN set up correctly, as I can see the traffic coming in from the remote clients on the pfsense box, which are destined for the Resource Needed. However, I need a way to tell traffic appearing on the OpenVPN interface on pfsense to use the static routing table so we can go via the Other Router.

    Is this possible?

    Any help is appreciated.


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    If you do not specify  a gateway in the firewall rules on the OpenVPN tab, it will use the default gateway.

    It's possible the traffic is going the right way but that the other router/far side doesn't have the right routes back to the first pfsense box for the OpenVPN client subnet, or NAT to mask it.

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