Mini-Box with SATADOM install issues

  • I am trying to install pfSense 2.1.2 on a Mini-Box Atom 4GB with a 4GB SATADOM. Booting from a Live CD I try the quick install and it says "Warning: the / sub partition should be at least 244M in size or you will risk running out of space during installation" When I try to do a manual install I must be partitioning wrong as that fails as well. I can boot off a USB flash drive and am fine doing that, but if someone could tell me how to adjust the boot parameters so that it boots properly off USB automatically. I can get it to boot first from the flash drive, but then I need to choose option 3 to boot from USB or the boot fails. I am not certain what I need to adjust to make it so it always boots from option 3 in that menu. Either working from the SATADOM (optimally) or from the USB drive will work for me. Just needed the Gigabit ports for this or I would go with my usual Netgate device.


  • I skipped the errors and it installed. Not sure what to think of that, but at least it is working.

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