Radvd sending out too short router lifetime

  • I've been constantly losing IPv6 connectivity, and it looks like the culprit is the router advertisement lifetime sent by pfsense being on 30 seconds. A new router advertisement usually comes before that, but if it doesn't, I lose my default ipv6 route.

    pfsense IPv6 is tracking a WAN interface going to Comcast. It doesn't appear that radvd is copying that lifetime, as its 1800s. The dynamically generated radvd.conf has no lifetime configured.

    I keep my actual lease and LAN routes, and can ping the link scope/global scope address of the pfsense interface.

    Is there any particular reason radvd would use such a short lifetime, or a way to force it to something more reasonable?

  • How often are you losing IPv6 connectivity/routing? I wonder if it's the same problem I am seeing with my LAN clients losing ability to route IPv6 to and from internet every few days. I thought I had checked the default route, but perhaps not. Next time it happens, I will check what the RAs are doing.

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