PfSense routing between private LAN to ISP gateway

  • Hello,

    I have a pfsense connected to a bthomehub connected through two paired home plugs, the reason for this is because it is a shared house and don't want to be on their LAN.

    My pfsense can ping the router and internet on the WAN side, but when i try to ping on the lan side it can't reach the WAN. LAN has no internet connection.

    It is a pfsense issue and this is just going off the default configuration. Is this just a simple firewall rule or port forward i need to do as i know you generally shouldn't double NAT.

    WAN =

    LAN =


  • You can bridge your WAN and LAN to avoid double NAT. The traffic could be controlled by firewall rules anyway.

    But I think this is not the cause of your actual issue.
    Have you set the routers IP as default gateway?
    If yes, try reconfigure outbound NAT by clicking the Save button.