Squid/squidlight question (is it caching correctly?)

  • Recently I updated my Squid settings using this guide:


    and the results have been phenomenal (thanks to whoever wrote that guide!).  Attached you can see how my caching hits have increased dramatically (today the hit% is actually up to 71% today).

    The huge increase in caching hit% is primarily b/c I listen to mp3's using MusicBee while I work (a better alternative to Windows Media Player) and MusicBee constantly downloads & displays artist photos as the music plays.  When I view the "big files" section of SquidLight, however, it makes it look as though some photos are downloaded multiple times.  Is this the case, or is Squidlight just showing the files that are requested from cache?  What is the actual meaning of the chart?

  • Im interested in this topic too. I hope someone who knows will answer?

    many thnx in advance :)

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