Restore of 2.1.2's config file kills communication with 2.2 vm

  • Hi I have 2.1.2 running on esxi 5.1. I spun up a vm and installed 2.2. Shut down 2.1.2 host, restored config from 2.1.2. Then I lost all communication with the vm.  No web configurator http or https, couldn't ping the box.. Nada

    I had the old vm at ip x.x.x.1 I put the new vm at x.x.x.2, so I don't think it's an arp thing.

    I tried another install this time I removed all my packages before backing up a Full config, restored that config to a fresh 2.2 install and the same thing happened.
    Side note I'm running a fresh install, (no restore) on hyper-v at work in a test environment with synthetic nics and it's doing fine.

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