Single WAN Muti LAN setup for bandwidth division HELP!!!!

  • Been using pfsense for some time but have now the need to do something that escapes me.

    I have a 50mb fiber conection that I need to split into 3 LANS - 30mb, 10mb, 10mb perferably in a bridging mode (public IPs on the devices behind the pfsense box). I don't care about shaping per se,  I just need to carve up the 50mb into 3 LANs with a fixed abount of bandwidth.  Oh since its fiber it is symertric. I have a older but beefy pc with 4 gigabit ethernet ports to run it on,  but can't seem to wrap my head around how to get this done.

    Any help would much appreciated.


  • For simply assigning bandwidth to different LANs looks like the limiter will do an easy job for you.

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