Yet another L plate ignorant newbie with basic question - can I use wireshark to

  • Hello everyone,

    Sorry for this basic question:
    can I use wireshark to somehow monitor the traffic between ISP and the router as well  [machine running pfSense?] I take it the computer it runs on has the pone line plugged in?
    thanks for any help yu can offer.

  • Hi turnbui,

    If you do not require to view the traffic in realtime, you can use the pfSense feature "Packet Capture" to capture the traffic on the WAN interface. Afterwards you need to download the capture file to your computer and open it in Wireshark. "Packet Capture" is located on the diagnostics menu.

  • Wonderful. That'll do it for me.
    Thank you for this good news vindenesen and taking time to explain it.
    Nice one.

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