Imbedded install seeing only 1.8GB of 8GB card

  • I installed pfsense embedded 4GB version on a 8GB CF on an ALIX board but it only sees 1.8GB of the card on the dash board. I'd like the rest to be available for packages. How do I fix this?

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    That's because the  4Gb version have 2 Slices of 2Gb (2+2=4)  :P

  • Yeah, I've been browsing around trying to find an answer.  A little information on this thread:
    but no ideas on how to re-structure or re-partition. Not sure if I am better off doing a full install or not. I hear it kills the CF after a time….

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    Do you really need more space? You're not anywhere close to using it all.
    You are better off sticking with Nano if you want the card to last. There may be a an 8GB image in the future, the 512MB image is now becoming too small.


  • I'm not sure. The only packages I am really looking to install are Asterisk, Quagga, and pfblocker. I will look forward to the possibility of an 8GB image though, that will be really nice. Most of what I am finding is there is no way around this.

    The other option is I have a 16GB flash drive next to me - can I do a USB install on to that?

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    Whilst it might be possible to produce some custom sized Nano image yourself you would probably find yourself having to produce all your own upgrade images etc. Just not worth it.
    Do you mean a 16GB SSD? If it's relatively recent you'll probably have no problems with a full install. Early SSDs were prone to early ware failure. If it's not as SSD then stick to Nano if you can.

    I don't use Asterisk but there has been some comment recently on the package size:

    Try it and see.


  • So after installing Asterisk, OSPF, & pfBlocker I am at 51% of 1.8G. I was able to recoup some lost space by deleting the .pbi in /tmp. So I am happy for now. Will look forward to an 8GB image someday soon, hopefully. Otherwise I may yet pursue a full install on SD if I can find a decent industrial SD. For now, all is well.  :)

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    I was able to recoup some lost space by deleting the .pbi in /tmp.

    That's interesting because the standard config in Nano is to mount /tmp as a ram drive. I'm not even sure you can do anything else without some work. Did it actually change the disk usage?


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