Change to IPv6 tracking interface drops IPv6 address

  • I have three VLANS - WAN, LAN1, LAN2. WAN has a valid IPv6 address from my cable modem using DHCP6 and is set to request a /60 prefix. LAN1 and LAN2 each have IPv6 enabled and are tracking the WAN. LAN1 is using prefix id 0. LAN2 is set to prefix id 1. Everything is fine and every network is working with IP6.

    If I go to Interfaces - LAN2, don't change anything, click save, apply. The IPv6 address on that interface disappears. IP4 continues to work on that interface. IPv6 is still working on the other networks. Rebooting pfSense is the only way I know to bring IPv6 back to LAN2. Does this sound like a bug?

    This is on pfSense 2.1.2-RELEASE amd64

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