Asterisk- package on pFsense 2.1.2

  • Could you, asterisk- users, tell me :

    • if the upgrade was smothless for you to that version ?
    • how much space it uses ?

    For me :

    • installation took forever -> reboot -> install again and then ok.
    • the package uses 580MB on my CF card (on a Alix MB) i.e. 88% of my 2GB card in use (for both pFsense & Asterisk)

    Tx !

  • I am using an 8GB SD card with pfsense nanobsd image 4G. Pfsense splits into 2 x 2gb chunks. I was at 13% of the chunk before the installation. Afterward I was at 54%. I was able to gain some space back by deleting the .pbi in /tmp. Not sure if there will be repercussions to that yet.
    More discussion here:

  • Tx.
    I noticed another issue this WE.

    I took a fresh Asterisk backup and did some config tests.
    After that I wanted to go back to my backup (as I usually do after testing)…:

    • it restored the backup and initiated a reboot
    • after re-installed the Asterisk package again !!!!
    • then I had to restore (again) and it works...

    Strange behaviour no ?

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