Package update info

  • Sorry guys - hate me for a little while - but

    Is there a place - form that a new "PFSense" UsEr can go to to find out basic info on updating installed packages?

    I noticed snort is up to 2.8 and I don't think PFSense is auto updating (yet) (Or can I make it auto update - theres a thought)

    Thanks - and sorry for not seeing what I'm searching for and being a helpless being.

  • It doesn't auto update.  Simply go into System -> Packages -> Installed Packages -> And click the reinstall button.

  • Well I must have clicked the wrong thing - cause it only re-installed. Didn't upgrade to 2.8 version.

    Guess it would be cool if the installed package page had a little clicker by each package labeled - check for update and update.

    But - hey its free software - pretty cool stuff at that

  • The released version of snort and the version available in the packages aren't necessarily going to be the same thing.

    As for the updates - if you visit the "Installed Packages" page it'll show you any packages that have updates to apply.  See, simple ;)

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