Repeating Routing Group Notifications When Gateway Goes Down

  • I found an old topic discussing this, but wasn't sure if I should revive it or not:

    I'm seeing basically the same thing.  One example - I have  two gateways, and two gateway groups on a system.  One is a low-latency, lower-bandwidth connection with more static IPs, one is a higher-latency higher-bandwidth connection.  Both gateway groups have both gateways, but in reverse order.  If the less-reliable connection goes down I get about 8 notifications for each gateway group, so 16 in total, in about 1 minute.

    Is anyone else seeing this? Or am I just doing something wrong…

    On a somewhat related note, it would be great to get notifications when the gateway is back up.  I realize that notifications aren't exactly top priority, but it would be nice.


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