HAVP: Streaming Devices and Netflix workaround

  • Hello everybody:
    If you're like me and have series of streaming devices, such as the Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, Blu-Ray Players, Tablets (Android and iPad), NeoTV, and so on, and you have Netflix, the package HAVP can cause Netflix to not work on your streaming devices, except on your PCs, Macs, or Linux boxes.

    HAVP, as we know it, is an HTTP Anti-Virus Proxy with Clam AV.  What this package does is it protects your computer from malicious files from entering your computer, and acts as a double protection if any of your devices have an Anti-Virus software installed.

    There are two methods of allowing Netflix to work with HAVP installed as well as Squid Proxy.

    Method 1 - Bypassing the proxy:

    Go to Services -> Proxy Server

    If the Transparent HTTP proxy box is checked, the Bypass proxy for Private Address destination checkbox and Bypass proxy for these source/destination IPs text boxes will be un-greyed out.

    Type in your streaming devices IP address, or the CIDR (subnet) in the source box, with the checkbox Bypass proxy checked, and save the changes.

    NOTE: Doing this would cause HAVP to not scan for viruses when clicking on a link or the eicar.org site for testing the anti-virus; viruses would spread to every device.

    Method 2 - Enable HTTP Range Request:

    This method is recommended since the HAVP proxy can still check for viruses on sites, including the eicar.org anti-virus testing site.

    Go to Services -> Antivirus
    Click on the HTTP proxy tab, and in the middle of the page, click on the HTTP Range Request checkbox, and click save.

    This allows the HAVP to continue scanning sites and files for viruses, and allow Netflix to go through without issues.

    Method 2 is a great way to go for Netflix to work instead of Method 1.

    DansGuardian never has a problem with Netflix, as long as blocking the IP address is not enabled.

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