Port Forwarding Issue

  • Hi,

    i updated my PFsense to 2.1.2 before three days.

    From the day when i update it I am unable to access the pfsense web GUI from another Internet server provider/ outside of the network. It was operational before updating!

    Even it cannot ping from another network. The IP only can ping from the same network.I checked the port status which is open as well. Please Help me out immediately.

  • Add al rule like this one to your WAN interface:

    ID 	Proto 	Source 	Port 	Destination 	Port 	Gateway 	Queue 	Schedule 	Description 	
     	pass 	  	* 	* 	* 	WAN Address 	443 	* 	* 	  	Web-Configurator

    Replace the Port by with that one you need.

    ping is not allowed by default. If you want it you have to add an allow rule for ICMP also.

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  • Thanks for the response.

    i set the port to 8081 first in NAT and it was working fine.

    But when i update the pfsense its not working. I set the Nat port to 443 but still not working. please help.

  • Basically there is no need to use NAT for webconfigurator, however you can use it to forward access on WAN to LAN interface.
    Have you put the appropriate rule on the top of rule set of WAN or LAN, whatever you will use, to ensure no other rule is blocking the packets?

    For troubleshooting enable logging of pf rules and also enable logging of firewall default blocks in System Logs settings. So you can see in System Logs which rule is blocking the access.

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