Two WAN IP's to two Internal vpn's

  • This is my first Post, feedback welcome!

    Ok so, I have two static IP addresses from my ISP. Say I have VLAN 10 for my personal computers and I have VLAN 20 for my web/game servers. Can I configure a PFsense box to point public IP1 to VLAN 10 and public IP2 to VLAN 20? I don't want the two networks to communicate behind the pfsense box, but rather I want them to be able to communicate as if I was coming from the outside.

    As for the ISP, I have fiber coming to the house, and one (i cant enable the other ports) copper connection coming from the ONT.

    I have tried connecting two cheap D-Link routers to the ONT (with a switch between the ONT and the two routers) and they where both able to connect to the internet and I was able to access resources behind each router from the other, I just wish to accomplish this with one pfsense box.


  • Are you saying that you want traffic from each VLAN to head out to the internet via different IP addresses? If this is the case, outbound NAT is what you're after.
    Or are you saying that you want each external IP to go to something in each network? If this is the case, inbound NAT is what you're after.
    I'm not 100% sure on what you're trying to achieve here.

  • I am trying to do both. I want in-coming connections from each public IP to go to there respective internal VLAN. Also I want outgoing traffic that come from one VLAN to go out there respective public IP.

    Basically I wanted to know if I could do the work of two gateways/firewalls, in one box with one incoming connection.

    Is there any downsides to what I am trying the implement?


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