Carp Failover Notification

  • I am running a pretty standard setup;

    2x Dell 860's with Intel Quad Cards (6 Interfaces total).  In a failover (Master/Slave) config.  I haven't had any issues so far with the software.  However I do have an issue occasionally in which the Primary system reboots and hangs on reboot. Thus the Slave kicks in and becomes the Primary.  Since pfSense works so well, nobody ever sees this issue until we check logs and such.

    My question is this,  Is there a way for the Slave system to notify us (via Email, for example) when it becomes a Master for my CARP IPs?

    Thanks for the great product.

    –Jason W. Allen

  • Not currently but it is a planned addition in the future since we now have a SMTP framework imported.

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