Some servers unreachable through VPN

  • I've had an IPSec tunnel running with pfSense 2.0 for almost a year. Recently, we migrated one of our firewalls and updated to 2.1.2.

    After the change, I'm experiencing something really weird: some servers are not reachable through the VPN, while others are perfectly reachable.

    My subnets are on one site and on the other. From (a workstation) I can ping without problems, but can't ping

    Both .25 and .26 are Linux virtual machines running on the same physical server. Also, from within I can't ping any of the hosts either.

    I checked MTU values, and basic stuff like that, and everything appears to be correct (at least it's the same on a working and non-working server). Can anyone give me a hint?

  • Have you checked that there isn't a local firewall on '.0.26' that you have magically forgotten about. (I don't know how many times that has happened to me).

  • First guess, wrong subnet mask on the affected hosts (/16 instead of /24, so it thinks the remote network is local).

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