Can I block spam via pop3 gmail?

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    I've been wondering this for a long time. I get legal news letters from a government agency. As with many of these 'agencies', they have no clue what they are doing ( >:( ) so they send out these news letters via a 'free email marketing provider'. And, of course, the 'do you want a bigger d*ck' / 'wanna buy viagra' /'hi, I'm nadya from russia and I want to meet you tonight - click here' crap is floating into my MS Outlook pop3-mail box via the gmail account I use. Day after day.

    By now I've emailed the agency about 15 times (with irritation building up on my side to dangerous levels  >:( ), and about 15 times they don't even have the politeness to answer - at all ( >:( ).

    If I look at the mail headers of the spam I can derive a single domain (with different prefixes, e.g., and so on), which is how I know it originates from the government agencies.

    I am assuming there is no way for me to block this kind of crap via pfSense, since I am loading the mails via gmails' pop3-servers, but I might be wrong(?)

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    You can report spammers to this site

    unfortunately you can't do much else without running your own mail server.

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    Since you're actually downloading the mail via pop3 you can filter it some how en-route to Outlook. You might be able to use the mailscanner package to do that, I've not looked into it at all. However with just one mail client it's almost certainly not worth it.
    There are any number of spam filtering programs available for Windows, most anti-virus software offers some sort of solution.
    Normally Gmail is pretty good at filtering spam all by itself, I haven't seen any spam for a few months at least. However because you are downloading your mail rather than using the Gmail web interface you presumably never mark any messages as 'junk' so gmail can never learn what should be filtered. If you're downloading the mail and not leaving messages in gmails servers you'll have to login to the gmail web interface before you run Outlook. Mark stuff as junk and gmail should learn you don't want it pretty quick.


  • Hollander, I don't know what email client tool you're using.
    You should consider an email client that already has some spam engine inside.
    For instance, Mozilla's Thunderbird has a couple of spam engines that you could enable. They filter the messages automatically and send all the spam to the junk box.
    Once in a while you take a quick look at the junk box to see if it grabbed a false positive and that's it: permanent clean inbox.
    Too bad they say Mozilla is about to ditch Thunderbird :(

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    I use MS Outlook 2010 (because of the Business Contact Manager add on). The problem is: 'Hot Marijke' will want to meet me today because she saw my 'hot profile on porn site'. Mail comes in via I can tell Outlook this is spam.

    5 minutes later 'Hot Jenny' comes in via Again in my inbox. I can tell Outlook this is spam too.

    5 minutes later 'Fat Paula' 'wants to meet me urgently for some good time', via I will have to tell Outlook again this is spam.

    I can't block *, since the important legal letters come in via * too. If this were the only one, I could take another email account and ditch the old one all together. Which would not really solve any problem, as I would use that account to subscribe to the legitimite legal news letters, which the retarded government people send out using the same free service the 'Horny Sandra's' of this world use. (You wonder why on earth we pay taxes if this is the 'government' you get in return for it).

    But if I ditch the current gmail account and take a new one: around x-1000 people have this email address in case my business email hosting breaks. I can email x-1000 people to tell them this email address changed, but not only do I have to sift through years of email to find out who these people I need to email are, secondly I don't want to bother these people with having to change my details in their desktop, their smartphone, and so on. Which many won't, of course, since they are busy as everyone is.

    At least two types of people in life I don't like: low life spam trolling people, and retarded 'government officials'.


  • Hollander,

    Something you might want to try with Outlook 2010 is using the Rules Wizard to create a rule that only leaves emails from your Contacts in the Inbox and dumps all the others in the Junk Mail folder.

    Of course you need to create and maintain the Contacts.  Maybe that would be easier given that you use BCM.  I haven't ever tried it.

    I have used a program called Outlook Email Address Extractor in the past.  It scans through Outlook Inbox items and extracts all the email address together with a count of emails in which each address appeared.  I used that as the basis for checking that I had everyone worthwhile in Contacts.

    I'm assuming that "Hot Marijke" and her friends aren't using the same sending email address used by your retarded government official correspondents.

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