Captive portal on pfSense

  • Setting up Captive Portal through pfSense.  Switch:  HP E2910al-24G Switch(J9145A)

    Wireless AP is on x.x.x.2, connected to port 10, VLAN 99, IP is x.x.x.99, the port is untagged on VLAN 99.

    pfSense fw is connected via port 10, which is tagged on VLAN 99.

    I can receive a ping back from .2, the WAP, from the switch.  I cannot reveive a ping back from .1, the firewall.  At this moment, everything is allowed to and from that interface on the firewall.

    I must assume this is an issue with the "guest wireless" port on the pfSense.  I was told by a colleague he had to reboot the firewall after creating a new interface.  Is this the case.  If not, what can I look into?


  • It seems many times I post here, a bit of knowledge is forced back to me through the web, my keyboard and into my head.  It seems I figure it out immediately after posting (whether or not a get good advice).

    In this case it was the interface assignment which was set to the physical interface, not the VLAN on that interface.

    Miles Deep out

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