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  • Hello all,
      I'm new to pfsense and I've been tinkering with it for 2 days trying to get internet access from the lan. I've setup pfsense, windows server 2012, windows 8.1, and windows 7 in virualbox and I can't get internet access through either machine. I've followed just about every youtube video on pfsense and I still can't get internet access. I've uninstalled and reinstalled pfsense countless times with no success. I did notice when I have pfsense running and do a ipconfig within server 2012 the gateway shows:

    If I shutdown pfsense and do an ipconfig the garbled characters aren't there; only

    I'm not sure what mistake I've made but I sure would like to resolve this issue. Please inform me of any info I need to provide.

  • Garbled characters?  :D Thanks for the laugh.

    That's a link-local IPv6 address. Every Windows 7/2008 and newer will have link-local v6 IPs. Has nothing to do with your firewall or anything else on the network, the host automatically configures itself with link local.

    The issue with not being able to get Internet access, not enough info about what you're trying to accomplish to suggest anything.

  • Thanks for the laugh.

    I'm glad I can help ;)
    I'm trying to setup a virtual lab environment so I may begin studying for my ms cert. I need my internal network to have internet access,  unfortunately I'm doing something incorrectly. Currently my internal network consists of : Server 2012, Windows 7&8, and pfsense 2.1.2. I can ping both the Lan and WAN, but can't get outside the internal network

  • What are the LAN and WAN IP address for your pfSense host? What is the subnet mask you are using on both and what is the default gateway on the WAN?

    What are the LAN IP addresses, subnet masks and default gateway for your Windows hosts?

  • pfsense host = WAN - GW

    Server 2012 = - GW
    The GW on the LAN is only set on the host, not in pfsense. Thanks for your reply.

  • Now try ping

    If that works, your problem is with your DNS configuration.

  • I was able to successfully ping So now I need to properly configure my DNS.

  • System->General Setup->DNS Servers. Enter and in the first two entries, leave the rest empty, save.

  • System->General Setup->DNS Servers. Enter and in the first two entries, leave the rest empty, save.

    That worked :D For some reason my LAN ip was set as a DNS so I was getting the "no internet access" error in network connection. so when I deleted that ip network connection showed "internet access" but I couldn't resolve any names until I entered the recommended DNS servers. Now I can surf. Is it a default of pfsense to set the LAN ip as the DNS? Or was this a blunder of mine? Thanks to all that helped me.

  • The LAN IP can be used for DNS if you have the DNS forwarder (Services->DNS Forwarder) turned on. If you want to make use of the DNS forwarder make sure it's on and change the DNS address given to DHCP clients in the settings of the DHCP Server (Services->DHCP Server) to the LAN IP address.

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