Dhcp-pd /60 with /64 on local segments - but with dhcpv6 locally?

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    So I have been running ipv6 for a couple of years now.  I was using HE just because it was so easy.. I could setup a static ipv6 and for the couple of play boxes I was using it with only 1 local segment worked great.

    But now I am wanting to enable native ipv6 on all 3 local segments, lan, wlan and dmz.  While I changed my request on wan to /60 and waited out old /64 request, etc.  Now its working all 3 interfaces get their own /64 with setting prefix ID 0, 1 and 2 on the lan, wlan and dmz.

    But I don't really want to use just auto config for clients, I would rather have more control with dhcpv6..  Is possible to just leave the /60 request on the wan and just set static on the local interfaces and run dhcp6..  Or will you run into problem with loosing your /60 if you don't have any actual track interfaces using /64s?

    Where is the info about the /60 you got stored?

  • Enabling "follow interface" will actually set up a DHCPv6 server for that interface, too. The problem is that the web interface will refuse to let you configure it since the address isn't set to static, and the default settings are such that most clients will just use SLAAC to get addresses (though for some reason I have a printer and an IPMI BMC that pull a DHCPv6 lease anyway).

    Not really sure why the web interface won't let you configure DHCPv6 settings for tracking interfaces, though. Perhaps just an oversight?

  • See also this ticket.

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    That should really be a bug report if what your saying is true..  So if the web gui is just not showing what is setup, should be able to do that from cmd line..  let me take a look see thanks.  But if what your saying is true then clearly not showing the interface is a bug and not a feature.

  • Oh yes, it will happily hand out DHCPv6 addresses on the LAN, from the DHCP-PD learned prefix.  But, you can't do any type of configuration.

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    Well doesn't that seem wrong?  If dhcpv6 is running, why can not config it?

  • Like I said, I filed a ticket almost a year ago, but it doesn't look like it's considered important. So probably something where we would just have to implement the fix ourselves for them to pull in.

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    you filed it as a feature request, not a bug.. Its a BUG not a feature if dhcpv6 is running when your using dhcp-pd but you can not edit its config or even view what its handing out that is a bug not a feature ;)

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