Static routes mpls

  • Hi guys,

    I am trying to solve this problem for some time now and any help would be much apriciated.
    What I have is two locations main location has subnet of (192.168.0.x) and location 1 has subnet of (192.168.212.x), gateway of main location is on location 1 is At main location I have a pfsense setup as its own gateway computers. how do I allow computers that are on pfsense to communicate with secondary location. I have setup static routes and computers on main location can ping computer on location 1 but the problem is that computers from location11 can't ping computer on main location if their gateway is not set to

    Does anyone have any solutions for this'

  • If the gateway is set to from location1, this means that you have also set an IP in that subnet. What are the subnet masks? IF set correctly, what firewall rules did you create to allow the traffic? Did you set a route on both sides? Do the routers/firewalls have an IP address between them to route the traffic? Any more details you can provide will help.

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