2.1.3 no more packet loss

  • I had a strange issued with 2.1.2 version , after I installed I start to see "packet loss" rise on WAN1 (it's a ADSL2+) it arrived up to -40.
    Now with 2.1.3 it's gone all back to normal.
    Very happy for this , but don't understand what was the problem I read the 2.1.3 change and I don't see any change that can impact on packet loss.


  • How long after a reboot did the packet loss begin on 2.1.2?

    Reason for asking is that one of my VLAN WAN interfaces begins dropping packets anywhere form a few days to a couple weeks after a pfSense reboot.  Though I'm not convinced it is a pfSense caused problem, because . . .

    . . . The problem condition is sort of odd.  Did a Wireshark capture at the switch and noticed that occasionally the gateway device would not send a ping response.  So that would seem to indicate the problem is with the gateway device, or possibly even the switch.  But if so then why would rebooting pfSense alleviate the issue for another couple weeks?  Thoughts?

  • Just a guess, but a switch issue could exhibit some of those symptoms if the pfSense reboot triggered a flush of the switch's MAC cache and/or internal buffers.

    Have you tried a switch reboot when the losses start to appear?

    It might narrow down the variables a bit.

  • No have not tried a switch reboot.  But now that I think about it, I have used 2 different switches.  Though I think they may use the same or very similar chip set because they both have the same port mirroring egress VLAN tag issue (tag is not striped on the port mirror for untagged).  One was the Cisco SG-200-08 and the other NetGear GS-108T.

    Oh but the issue doesn't happen with the other WAN interface, and they both use the same switch.  Just a different VLAN.

    Oh and also the packet loss is not total.  It's only about 1 percent or less.

  • Probably already checked but… throwing it into the mix because I recently had issues.  I had a problem where when passing only 10mbit of traffic there would be a random 1 to 3% packet loss and latency would randomly go to 80ms or so for the gateway.  Turned out the switch port that was plugging into the uplink was set to auto (negotiated at 1000 Mbit) where the uplink from the ISP was set to 100 Mbit fixed.  Ya... I wasted too much time troubleshooting the pfsense firewalls.

  • After the last time this happened, May 5th, I rebooted the switch.  It's been stable now for a month so far.

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