MOVED: Comment on upgrade

  • Do not know if this is the appropriate forum
    I do not know if it's just me or everyone

    But little note
    when the System upgrades itself For example from version 2.1.1 to version 2.1.2
    It reinstalls the packages

    I for example have the package havp
    And havp to the Dashboard (havp_alerts.widget)

    The problem is when upgrading

    While the system reinstalls packages

    The system installs the packages of the Dashboard First

    And not the packages themselves

    So what happens that during installation
    The package looks for a directory that does not exist

    Then not showing correctly (in the Dashboard)
    And then at the end you have to install it again
    The package of Dashboard

    Hope you understand me
    English it's not my native language

  • I do understand your issue, but I have not seen it myself.

    What specific packages are you having this issue with?

  • The Dashboard is the default screen after login to the box, so how can it be a "package"?  ???

    …with no installation (embedded or notebook/server) I ever had to install a package for Dashboard...

  • There are packages that add ONLY widgets to the dashboard, and depend on other packages to function/provide data to display.

  • What specific packages are you having this issue with?

    It happened to me every time there was an upgrade
    I'm talking about packages

    "Dashboard Widget: HAVP "
    "Dashboard Widget: Antivirus Status "

    There was also a package
    "Dashboard Widget: Snort Status "

    But the package does not exist anymore
    Probably implemented it in snort

    In any case what happens is
    During the installation

    Computer installs the packages of the Dashboard first
    And the packages of the Software itself later

    instead of

    First the software packages and then the packages of the Dashboard

    The only uncomfortable thing here
    Is that at the end the upgrade

    Need to reinstall the Dashboard packages
    That are not displayed correctly

    Need to simply to set it in such a way
    When upgrading
    First install software packages
    And then the packages of the Dashboard

    This is not a problem
    It's more like something that should straighten (tune)
    Next time there is an upgrade or something like that

  • Yeah, makes sense. Sounds like they need to implement a Depends On system.

  • This problem is still not resolved
    Maybe that's why antivirus does not work

    During the upgrade from 2.1.5 to 2.2
    The program installs the Antivirus extension
    before the Antivirus

    And it gives an error message
    Does not recognize the path