RFE: DHCP Static Mappings copy to Failover IP

  • This was asked of pfSense 1.2.1-RC, but was never answered:

    I have tested with pfSense 1.2.3 and 2.1.3 and none of them copy the DHCP Static Mappings to the Failover IP.

    Firewall aliases, rules, etc. do copy as expected with CARP Settings -> XMLRPC sync.  It's called sync, but it's really just a single copy to a remote pfSense.  So if you modify a "downstream" remote pfSense, the changes will not sync "upstream."

    I chained 5 pfSense instances: 1.2.3 VM 1 -> 1.2.3 VM 2 -> 2.1.3 net4801 3 -> 2.1.3 VM 4 -> 2.1.3 VM 5
    The VMs are all guests in ESXi.  net4801 is a Soekris box.
    Modifying a DHCP Static Map entry on 1 does not copy to 2 and System Log on 2 shows no attempts to connect from 1.
    Adding an entry in 2 does not copy to 3.
    Adding an entry in 3 does copy to 3; however, 3 did not copy to 4.

    From https://forum.pfsense.org/index.php?topic=50958.0 I infer there can only be a primary and a secondary based on skew > or < 20 and they appear to only point to each other as the Failover IP.

    I suppose CARP & DHCP failover is only for two players, no more, no less.

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