Static Route - no Web Access

  • Hello,

    we have a little Routing or Rule Problem with the new pfsense (1.2.3 all fine). is the local net is the remote net

    remote "LAN" gateway:
    (the remote net comes via MPLS on our LAN Switch)

    with pfsense 1.2.3 works the follow way

    Step 1:
    Static Routes:
    Interface: LAN

    Step 2:
    checked -> Static route filtering (Bypass firewall rules for traffic on the same interface)

    Step 3:
    squid Proxy
    ACL: Allowed subnet:

    What must we set now??

  • ok… now it works!

    it's a little bit stupid when i have a * ALL Rule and the Bypass in Advanced.

    for people with the same problem:

    you must set in LAN Rules an extra Rule for

    Proto: *
    Port: *
    Destination: *
    Gateway: *

    and all works fine like the old pfsense

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