Put PfSense in a existing network

  • Hi!

    I am new to pfsense and I want to use it for protecting some old WinXP users can't go out of the office with their pc.
    The questions I have are more network related I think.

    I have a router from Cisco which is doing the voip and the internet.
    Local network with 2 servers (mySQL and APache), for internal use only

    I installed pfsense on a virtual machine and give it a fixed IP

    When I fill in the pfsense IP adress at the old winxp computers, are they able to go via de cisco on internet or only through pfsense?
    In general: when you fill in a gateway, can you still use the local network without throughputting via pfsense?



  • You run the risk of an asymmetrical route. This is going to cause problems. You can setup a different subnet with pfSense as the gateway. You will still be able to use local resources if you allow the traffic through the firewall. You can also completely disable the firewall and use it purely for routing. how ever; if you are looking to separate the traffic, rules and NAT must be used.
    Hope that helps.

  • And, Possibly

    VLAN's to segregate your VOIP and DATA traffic.

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