Disallow IPV6

  • I have the check box unchecked:: System>Advanced>Networking - Allow IPv6

    All IPv6 traffic will be blocked by the firewall unless this box is checked.
    NOTE: This does not disable any IPv6 features on the firewall, it only blocks traffic.

    How can I add a rule to not log all of the blocked traffic?  I've tried a floating rule deny ipv6 any/any with no logging but still see blocked traffic being logged.  Do I need to allow IPv6 and then block all Ipv6 with no logging in order not to log all the Ipv6 traffic?

    To me, and others, if the "Global" option is to Allow Ipv6 or Disallow Ipv6 - then it is rather "implied" that No Ipv6 traffic should be allowed - thus there should be no logging.

  • If you have not, try rebooting. Once you disable IPv6, somethings are left on until reboot. This cannot be helped and every OS has to restart to completely disable IPv6.
    If you have, not sure, mine is off and I am not logging IPv6 anything. I guess you turn off the default logging in the logger settings. (Status: System logs: Settings)

  • Thank you podilarius,

    I've turned off the default logging in the logger settings and do not see anymore ipv6 anything logging - which is what I would prefer.

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