SquidGuard: How to redirect HTTPS to HTTP wile keeping the rest of the URL

  • Hi All,

    This is driving me batsh*it! For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to redirect HTTPS to HTTP while keeping the rest of the URL intact. For example:

    As I am filtering SSL via Squid, some pics of my favorite news site (https://news.google.com) do not display. So I want to redirect the image URL from




    Now, the t(number).gstatic.com always seems to be different (load balancing, probably)

    I have a regx that matches the URL perfectly:


    but, how do I replace the https part with http while keeping the rest of the URL intact?

    Any help greatly appreciated!

  • Hi Gurus
    Let me explain my scenario (Network Diagram)
    Router (ISP)  <===>  Firewall PFsense <===> My Lan Segment
    In the PFsense I installed the the squid (Version 2.7.9 pkg v.4.3.4).
    The problem that I am finding is that This Proxy (Squid) only block web that use ports 80 (Like www.youtube.com) but not ports 443 (like www.facebook.com).
    The problem to filter all port 443 I am solved by apply a rule Like this:
    ![](http://Filter 443 by IP's)

    Well, let me know if exit an alternative to filter in base to group.
    For example Group 1 (permit traffic 80 and 443 to the following pages - Like banks, facebook, emails, www.youtube, etc the rest are blocks)
    Group 2 (permit traffic 80 and 443 to the pages of banks)
    Group 3 (some policy That I would considered)
    Also I would create some different another different

    Profile of user 1 ( User VIPs, acccess to all pages)
    Profile of user 2 (User which belong to Group 1)
    Profile of user 3 (User which belong to Group 2)
    Profile of user n (User which belong to Group n)

    My version of firewall is:

    ![](http://Firewall Version)
    Also, exit any type the report where I can review (an extrat this data) and elaborate a Report to inform the top of Traffic that the user consume.

    I appreciate your comment /suggestion

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