How to activate internet using static IP

  • hi,

    Pls anyone help me how to activate the internet connection in my pfsense. my isp is Static IP, and i really have no idea where to setup the IP's from ISP. Im a newbies in pfsense and in exploring stage on how to use this.

    it would be really appriciated your help guys.

  • What exactly is the challenge?
    From your ISP you have got at least one IP address for your use an one gateway address and probably addresses for DNS servers.

    On a new installation your are guided through a setup wizard at command prompt where you can set the static IP and the gateway for WAN an LAN.
    After the initial set up is finished you have a menu in the console to configure this (2 - Set interfaces IP address).
    If you are already in the web configurator you can find the setup wizard in System menu. In the GUI you can add further IPs in Firewall > Virtual IPs.

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